StarringGanesh p k(ganni), Malatesh b, Prajwal s n(pajji) and Chandrasekharappa  y p.

The parties are common as you know as the kids of jnv are now turning into the big bosses of this planet. For us it’s not a party where our school friends are not there. This incident happened on some day but I don’t remember the exact date. i think it happened in somewhere around April 20

Mr. Y.p.chandrashekharappa came from his home town in search of job to Bangalore. Aspiring testing engineer Mr. B.v.sunil also came on that day. Yp and pajji had a plan to party that night somewhere outside. Sunil called pajji to come to vijaynagar room, saying “party is being arranged and there is a chips packet shortage” and also asked him to join the party with some side items. And it was a fake call obviously. They came on bike to room with full of joy and desires, but went mad by knowing that the call was just to drag them out from their party plan. But yap the party was there, think what it might be?. It was a chips party which they brought as sides. It got emptied as many hands were poured in at a time in competency.

Pajji is known for getting his work done under any circumstances. If he is being called for a party then he will surely have the party and go. Later in the evening the dreams and desires of the plan didn’t stop him from arranging the party of his own. He forced Sunni to arrange for dinks but he didn’t and probably wouldn’t have arranged even if he was forced more. Opening his own pocket, pajji ordered for royal challenge big bottle which costs approx 600 bucks. It was arranged only for 3 people as everybody else denied joining, including me. I have tasted the drinks before once in the big boss’s mega party, so I couldn’t resist to join them later.

All 4 of us sat in the main hall. A news paper was placed first on the floor and then the bottle and glasses were kept. Four boiled eggs were cut into pieces and some chili powder was sprayed on it. I asked them to get me proper mixture of water and hot as I didn’t want to cross the LOC. The party was started as usual with the cheers up in the air and with the usual dialogue “keeping the drink on the floor after the cheers is done, makes one to be in debt”. Felt a bit insecure as I did keep my glass down due to the nasty taste of it in the first sip. The talk was already on from ganni’s side. Everybody knows that he is the entertainer of the party. But hold on a minute. Who could be as entertaining as yp when he is on in the party eh?.

I always felt that I have so much inside to express the things but some things used to block me up. But I thought, this will let me to express. Sip by sip, glass by glass went in. I was feeling very light though I had a heavy body. I felt that the room was more bright than usual and later I got to know that the reason for feeling bright outside because the eyes pupil widens abnormally getting in more light due to the alcohol in. Through the bright light I could see the lit up smiling faces of adi, Sunni, hanuman, akhil, Mani, paddi who were enjoying the talks of the entertainers. I remember everything what I talked. I said after sometimes that “my mind is in control, but I don’t know about my body as its feeling very light”. I also said “I don’t like to vomit dude, I will go under depression if I do”. The talks were going on in the international language only as the guys are now engineers and businessmen. Sunni and adi told me not to join the drinks but I couldn’t resist diving in.

We always joke about ganni saying that the smell of the alcohol itself makes him tight. We have the controversial proof too based upon our observations. His English is good. No offense about that, but his Hindi mixed English comes out very typical. He kept on saying during the party “I am flexible, I am flexible” gesturing the flexibility by extending his shoulders.

YPC is very well known for his famous dialogues in Hindi “thum zorse mara tho mein adjust kartha, thum speed se mara tho mein kaise adjust kartha?”. “vo jyada dalo boletho, poora daldia”. Very funny. While ongoing conversation he adds up “I can drink this full bottle of raw and will still be as stable as normal”. His dialogues kept people laughing. At the middle of the party the drinks got over and the hungers of drinks were still on. Pajji asked yp to bring half quarter again and gave the money. There came the yps updated dialogue “will they give full half?”. He brought it within few minutes. I thought I could still go on with the party. When everyone said that it’s enough, yp says “I can drink 3 bottles of raw drinks and will still be strong”. But he and pajji went to terrace after few sip, me and ganni sat in the room relaxing.

When everything was calm, adi came down and says that yp vomited on terrace floor. “The strongest raw man vomited before the weakest eh!”. Paddi says “I went to terrace and saw yp vomiting. Besides me pajji was standing. I thought he is stable at least, but when I came down to pick something and went back to terrace, I saw pajji vomiting hanging on the terrace wall”. So they did their part. Ganni also went out for some white smoke.

I was sitting on floor. When everyone was saying that they vomited and all, I sat thinking what if I vomit and all. Suddenly, I felt my head spinning. I held my head and bent down to just let some blood rush into my brain. I had an awful feeling of stomach churning. I stood up, my body was out of control, I stood leaning to the wall. With the support of wall I guided myself to the bathroom. As soon as I entered the bathroom and closed the door, I vomited. It was like I could not control at all. Voluntarily it came without any resistance. My stomach was churning very badly. Again and again it was crunching. I sat down in the bathroom energy less. I didn’t wanted anybody to see me vomiting, so I held the door against its opening face as there was no lock inside of it. I thought somebody may push it and see me vomiting. I opened the tap for water to clean. I poured water everywhere and cleaned it.

I sat in the bathroom energy less hoping that I will get my energy back and walk by myself to the main hall, but I couldn’t. When I got confirmed that I need someone to help me, I called adi. I called him and asked him to get me to bed so that I can sleep as I was very weak. He was more generous. He brought a chair and guided me to sit on it. I sat on a chair which was being kept near bathroom. As I was sitting, I could hear few people talking behind me. One was ganni obviously and another one was akhil. The reason that adi made me to sit for a while is that, he went to arrange the bed for me and he wanted me to sit for a while on the chair. He went to prepare the bed for me.

My mind was very strong and working. All senses were as strong as was before. But my body was not at all in control. I was feeling very light and I couldn’t move my feet or my arms anywhere. I sat on the chair like a dead body. My neck was not standing straight. I leaned my head completely to the back support of the chair. My legs were fallen as if I have lost the senses. I was hearing gannis voice behind me; suddenly I could feel something was poured on my face. All it touched is my left eye and some ear part. As I said my senses were working very well still, I got to know that somebody has vomited upon me. And I was sure that it’s that gaandu ganni (the flexible man). I scolded him “gaandu, you vomited on me”. Though I didn’t see him, but I was sure it was him only. But he was standing there wondering that why I was scolding. I got up from the chair; I crawled into the bathroom as my legs were dead. I put my head into the bathtub and opened the water tap above me. As the water started pouring on my head, I just rested in the bathroom.

The view was very awkward. Everybody was enjoying the show. I was fallen in the bathroom like a dead in the jungle with water continued pouring on my head. Adi came and got surprised to see me sleeping in the bathroom. I said him what has happened. Water stopped, I think the tank got over. Later adi brought a bucket of water from the ground and cleaned my face and helped me to go to bed. I remember asking him to make me sleep on chape only, because bed sheets would get dirty. My clothes were wet completely. The fan was spinning in full speed, so I was feeling very cold. I asked adi to put the blanket on me and I said him more specifically to put my blanket only. I didn’t want to use somebody else’s; as I thought they will remember that it will be touched by vomit and all. As I slept there in the main hall,, I could here adi saying “I told him many times not to drink, see what has happened”. I continued lying down, my eyes were closed, but my stomach still kept churning on. Later after few minutes I was dragged into deep sleep.

I woke up at 3 in the morning. All my senses were still same. The first thing I did as soon as I opened my eyes is that, I smiled. I saw everyone sleeping around me. Remembering the yesterday night’s incident I washed myself and put some new dry clothes on me and slept back peacefully.

In the morning when everyone got up, the talks of last night was not surprising. Discussing the dialogues back “will he give full half?””I am flexible, I am flexible”. Ganni explained how he did it and all.  Some ask me, how much amount went inside your mouth?, what was its taste?. I keep explaining them that barely fell on my face and all. Whatever it might be but this incident of vomits was like as affected as war. The war of vomits was expected to be kept as a very secret document but I couldn’t stop publishing this.


Though this incident is pretty ugly, but being a collector of the memories, this incident stands as funny and unforgettable.





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